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Jerry Kerner for Congress in 2024

2nd Congressional District for the Great State of Mississippi

The Principle:

We The People of the United States on September 17, 1787 did ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America, and on December 15, 1791 the States did Ratify the Bill of Rights.

The Problem:

     The current un-American administration occupying the White House has tried to ignore the Rights and Liberty of the People by promoting chaos at our Southern border, by Unconstitutional “mandates” created to attempt to nullify the Bill of Rights, and by using tyrannical measures to try to silence dissent and create an irrational fear of each other among the People.

    Many elected officials have actively or cowardly joined in these un-American activities, and have voted for several Unconstitutional pieces of Legislati​on attempting to promote election fraud, attempting to reward criminals who enter our Country illegally and shamelessly attempting to buy votes with the illusion of “free stuff”.


      We are The People who will remind the un-American elected officials that when they took and signed their Oath of Office to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States that we were listening and We demand that they keep their word.

      We are The People who will remind the un-American elected officials that they work for Us - The People, and that We are neither their subjects nor subject to their attempts at tyranny.

      We are The People who will remind the un-American elected officials that our unalienable Rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by God, not by any government.

         We are The People who have the Courage to stand up to attempts at tyranny by many of our un-American elected and non-elected officials just as millions of American soldiers have stood up to foreign tyranny.


         All Loyal Americans – those who sincerely Support and Defend the Constitution, are “We The People”. We are The People who will refuse to re-elect any un-American official, and We are The People who will vote only for Patriots in the 2024 Primary and General elections so this Country will return to the Ideals that the United States of America was Founded upon.

Kerner For Congress Committee                                          We are The People

Jerry Kerner for Congress 

2nd Congressional District VOTE the Democrat Primary Ballot

The Principle:

     Mississippi needs and deserves people in Congress who will work to keep our Country governed by the Constitution and work to prevent un-American attacks on our Freedoms and Liberty.  We are The People who will not re-elect any member of Congress who supports attempts to pass un-Constitutional Laws and who lacks the Courage to actively oppose this Legislation which in itself is a blatant and deliberate act of Betrayal of all Loyal Americans.

The Problem:

     The vast majority of People who describe themselves as Democrats are good, honest people and loyal Americans. The division in our Country is not between The People who are sincere Democrats or Republicans or Independents, but rather is only the division between Loyal Americans of all Parties and the relatively few childish and un-American Incumbents who dishonestly call themselves Democrats while betraying us all.


     Mississippi Democrats, Republicans and Independents have a clear choice to elect a Loyal American who will Follow the Constitution and actually represent the People of Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District. Since Mississippi is an Open Primary state every registered Republican, Independent and Democrat voter can choose to Vote in the June Primary on the Democrat ballot, and by doing so we will remind our dishonest Incumbents in Washington DC that there still is a US Constitution and that they work for We The People.


     Mississippi’s 2nd District is being mis-Represented in Congress by someone who has supported the anti-American House leadership and the un-Constitutional Legislation being proposed in the US House of Representatives.  We are The People who will send to Congress Jerry Kerner, a person who is a Democrat, but more importantly is an adult who appreciates and embraces the Values and Principles of this Great State, and who has the Integrity and Courage to sincerely Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

     Paid for by the: Kerner For Congress Committee