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Jerry Kerner For Congress 2022

Representing the 2nd District

 From the Great State of Mississippi

I was born in California (through no fault of my own) and have lived in four other States. I moved to Mississippi several years ago for a job, but I stayed because I met Miss Sherry.  Three years ago I started my own small business in Clinton.  Mississippians are nice; I still remember my surprise at being greeted by “Hi, how y’all doing” wherever I went.  This is very different from the way people behave anywhere else I lived; they are much more reserved and keep their distance from anyone they do not know.  I had heard the term 'southern hospitality' but until I was here I really did not fully understand that it was a cursory description of the extremely friendly and caring attitude of the people here.  Mississippi is my home; I cannot imagine living or wanting to live anywhere else.  I am running for Congress to preserve Mississippi's way of life, which truly is a wonderful place to live. 

Why I am running for Congress

I believe that the United States Constitution is the Law of the Land, which means that the provisions within the Constitution are settled without the need for interpretation or discussion.  There is a clear process for changing the Constitution, which has been followed many times in the past to add Amendments, but the opinions or wishes of Congressmen, Senators or Judges is not how the Constitution is to be amended.

Freedom of Religion is a Constitutional Right, it is not subject to modification by Legislation or Judicial opinion.  Some religions are not exempt and subject to being banned by legislation merely because the Congress does not like the way their church buildings look or how many seats they contain. 

The Right to keep and bear arms is another Constitutional Right whose main purpose is to prevent government tyranny.  Some firearms are not exempt and subject to being banned by legislation because the Congress is afraid that the electorate will object to their attempts to ignore the Rights and Freedoms of the People guaranteed by the Constitution. 

We have a two party Congressional system, but I am not impressed or inspired by the leaders of either political party.  The leadership of both sides seem to be interested only in advancing their own personal wealth and political power, instead of acting on behalf of their voters.

I am not a Socialist or Communist or any variation of this philosophy which is just plain dumb and stupid, and I am not a white supremacist or racist.  I appreciate this Country and I am running for Congress to keep it governed by the Constitution, instead of being attacked by the hoity-toity wannabe tyrants that think they are in charge now.  

We are The People, and in 2022 we will remind our misguided Representatives in Washington DC that they work for the Citizens of the United States of America.  We are The People who refuse to re-elect any un-American officials and instead will vote only for Patriots who will return this Country to the Ideals of our Founding Fathers.