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Jerry Kerner for Congress 2024

Representing the 2nd District

From the Great State of Mississippi

The Kerner For Congress Committee is placing an Ad in issues of The Clinton Courier informing you, the voters, of the Candidate's Views before the election, and then about the Issues before the Congress after the election.   All of the Courier ads in this series are archived below.   

This was the February 15th 2022, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

Our Freedom of Speech is just that, a protection of Speech. This is not only protection of speech that we agree with, but rather it is a protection of speech that we do not agree with; it is up to us whether or not to believe it. The terms mis-information and dis-information are themselves lies, and anyone using these terms is lying to you.

This was the February 1st 2022, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

We are The People who will not re-elect un-Americans from any Political Party. We will elect only loyal Americans that see the US Constitution (which includes all of the Amendments) as our Country’s road map. We refuse any un-American’s childish and futile attempt to revive tyranny, which we soundly rejected in 1776.

This was the January 18th 2022, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

The un-American elected officials occupying Washington DC are not actually afraid of the People who did not vote for them, but rather they are terrified of the People who did vote for them, because these remorseful voters now realize the magnitude of the treachery and outright lies of these soon to be former officials.

This was the January 4th 2022, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

The values of Mississippians are essentially completely opposite of the values of a socialist politician. We believe in the Constitution; we value our Rights and Liberty. We will never condone the treachery and deceit of a hoity-toity Yankee, and I am appalled when any Congressman votes with any un-American elected official.

This was the December 21st 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

I wholeheartedly agree with John Wayne, who is quoted in the book The John Wayne Code, page 100 compiled by his son, Ethan:

“My hope and prayer is that everyone know and love our country for what she really is and what she stands for.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every loyal American.

This was the December 7th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

I am an American. Being Americans is our true strength. However else we may describe ourselves we are all Americans First. The problems facing this Country are not Democrat or Republican issues because they affect every citizen adversely. We are The People who refuse to re-elect or vote for any un-American Representative.

This was the November 16th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier

The November 2nd Ad was skipped inadvertently 

I will not vote for any Legislation solely because either Party recommends it or threatens me if I do not. The current widespread chaos trying to be forced upon this Country against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans is clearly illegal, as are the various acts of attempted tyranny being tried as enforcement tactics.

This was the October 19th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

The Free exercise of Religion is a Constitutional 1st Amendment Right; therefore, it is not subject to modification by Legislation or Judicial opinion. No individual religion can be regulated or outright banned by legislation merely because the Congress does not like the way their church buildings look or how many seats they contain.

This was the September 7th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier

Also ran September 21st and October 5th inadvertently

I was born in California and have lived in four other States. I moved to Mississippi several years ago for a job, but I stayed because I met Miss Sherry. Mississippians are nice; I still remember my surprise at being greeted by “Hi, how y’all doing” wherever I went. Mississippi is my home; I cannot imagine living or wanting to live anywhere else.

This was the August 17th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

I will be an advocate for the People of Mississippi over the agenda of either political party. Congress should help American citizens, but especially should not work to expand the power of the government or elected officials.  Congress should follow the Constitution, and always support the wishes of the People over personal opinions.

This was the August 3rd 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

My grandparents arrived in the US as children from Europe in the early years of the 20th Century; they and their parents learned English, became US citizens and successfully embraced the Principles and Freedoms that defines the United States. As proud Americans they improved the prosperity of their own families and of this Country.

This was the July 20th 2021, Ad in The Clinton Courier 

As a member of Congress from Mississippi I will faithfully represent the People of this State to the best of my ability; I will be guided by our Founding Principles; and I will Preserve, Protect and Defend the Mississippi and United States Constitutions - including their Amendments - against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.