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Kerner For Congress Committee

   Invest in the Future of This Country      

Campaign Contributions may be made using the Make a Donation button below or by sending a check to the address below.                             


     Campaign Contributions by check: 

     Payable to          Kerner for Congress Committee

    Mail check to     Kerner for Congress Committee

                                 201 West Main Street 

                                 Clinton,  MS  39056 

             Attention:  Treasurer

Thank you for your help to keep Mississippi a nice place to live and free from attempted Federal tyranny.  Contributions will be used to purchase newspaper ads, send out letters to voters, and to buy more We are The People hats and pens.

Invest in the Future of this Country 

We will mail a complimentary copy of the US Constitution to anyone who sends their name and address and requests one.  We are giving away a limited number for free at our events. 

Improve the Future of this Country 

We now have hats, which we are giving away a limited number for free at our events.