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Kerner For Congress Committee 

Mississippi 2nd District 

2024 Primary and Election 


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Mississippi is a great State that is being mis-Represented in Congress as if we would agree, go along with or even tolerate the un-American Legislation being introduced and voted on this year in the US House of Representatives. 

We can, and will, rectify this situation by sending to Congress a person who appreciates and embraces the Values and Principles of this Great State, and who has the integrity and courage to stand by them. 

While politicians in other States have seemingly forgotten that our Country is governed by the US Constitution - including the Amendments, Mississippians have not forgotten this and expect their elected representatives to act accordingly.  When our elected representatives stop acting on behalf of the voters who elected them then it is time to replace them with someone who will. 

Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."  The good people of Mississippi have not and will not "do nothing" while evil is attempting to succeed in our United States House of Representatives. We are The People who are not afraid to confront and oppose the un-American evil trying to grow in our nation's Capitol.  

The Congressional election in 2024 is our opportunity to correct this treachery, which was brought about not by errors of the electorate but rather was a conscious decision made by some elected representatives to ignore the Constitution and the wishes of the voters.  Mississippi deserves and will elect a new Representative who will neither support nor defend un-American and destructive Legislation or Acts proposed by anyone.